Customer Feedback

"Ten years on and still ❤️ 

my Zara Collins earrings."
February 2018

"Thanks so much, they are perfect! You have been lovely to do business with and I hope we will have contact again in the future."
January 2018

"I bloody love them. They are so beautiful. Thank you awesome, talented friend." Lindl
January 2018

"I had been searching for a pair of simple (but not boring!) black studs for a while. I adore my black studs and the blackened silver. They are perfect in winter and dont get stuck in my scarves! I love em!"
June 2015

"I love my Teardrop earrings, they are so light and comfortable - they go with anything! Such a great simple design."
February 2015


"My friend was sooooo suprised and totally LOVED her new necklace. We were at a BBQ that day and she got loads of comments. beautiful. thank you"
December 2013